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During the month of May you can get your home's AC serviced through the Air Cool Plus Summer Maintenance service at a fraction of the regular price.  Normally, this service is performed for $69 per unit, but through May 31, you can get your home's AC serviced for just $55!  Call 352-1193 or 357-1305 now and set up your appointment! 

 When you have Air Cool Plus upgrade your home's AC to a high efficiency system, not only will you get hundreds of dollars in rebates from the IID and save hundreds of dollars a year on your electric bill, you will also receive a FREE THERMOSTAT UPGRADE.  Your home's AC thermostat will be replaced with Honeywell's VisionPro 8000 thermostat, the highest quality residential thermostat in the market today.  Normally, we charge $550 to install this top of the line thermostat.  Call now and get a free estimate of our AC System Upgrade Service, and take advantage of this free thermostat upgrade offer today!  Call now at 352-1193 or 357-1305 to set up your appontment today!

Anytime your AC breaks down, anytime of the year, you can get it repaired at NO COST with GUARANTEED SAME DAY SERVICE.  Sound too good to be true?  It's a reality when you sign up for the Air Cool Plus Elite Customer Service Plan.  Call 352-1193 or 357-1305 and get signed up today!  To find out how our Customer Service Plans work, click here to be redirected to our programs information page.

The Check Me! program is a public AC Tune Up service performed at NO COST TO YOU.  This public program is brought to you by Air Cool Plus, the IID, and Proctor Engineering.  Call 352-1193 or 357-1305 to set up your appointment for this FREE service today!  For details of what the Check Me! program is and why it's free, just click here to be redirected to our programs information page.

* All offers and promotions are offered for a limited time only at the discretion of Air Cool Plus.  Although this website is updated regularly, please call to confirm promotion and offer status when setting up an apointment.  Thank you.