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We've been listening to our customers, and over the past three decades one of their most common problems is having to deal with an AC breaking down in the middle of summer when they need it most.  Not only is this expensive, but it is also terribly inconvenient because wait times for repairs are naturally longer in the peak summer months. 

The solution: our comprehensive customer service plans.  Instead of hoping your AC doesn't breakdown, you can simply sign up to our Elite Customer Service Plan.  Under this plan almost any breakdown your AC can have is completely covered.  That's right.  Repairs are performed at no extra cost to you, even if your AC breaks down in the middle of July.  And not only will you be covered if your AC breaksdown, you also get Same Day Service -- guaranteed!  These are just a couple of benefits of the Elite Customer Service Plan, which costs just under one dollar a day, for more information just review a sample of our Service Plan sign up sheet below.

Give us a call to become an Air Cool Plus Elite Customer today, and stop worrying about that AC!