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The Air Cool Plus Company's commitment to diversity in the workplace could not be stronger.  Truly.  Air Cool Plus is a 100% minority owned company and is staffed entirely by minority individuals.  A couple of examples that highlight our company's diversity:

Humberto A. Chavez, Sr. was born in Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mexico and grew up in the Mexican border town of Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico.  Humberto -- or "Tito" as he strongly prefers to be called -- immigrated to the United States at the age of 17.  Tito claims that for the first few months he was in the U.S. all he ever ordered at cafes and restaurants was cheescake and coffee, because that was all the English he could speak. 

Tito, however, wasted little time and quickly got to work learning a trade from his stepfather, the late "Theo" Smith.  Tito found he loved working on HVACR equipment, and after getting married and starting a family, he decided to start his own company in the Winter of 1979. 

What started as a one man operation has now grown into one of the most efficient and promising companies in the Imperial Valley area, Air Cool Plus.

David Santos is a native of El Salvador (a country whose hearty cuisine -- especially "pupusas" -- he still dreams of).   As a child David was stricken with polio, an acute viral infectious disease that in some cases results in asymmetric paralysis, a condition known as Post Polio Syndrome.  Such was the case with David, who is consequently wheelchair bound.

Fleeing the brutal violence of the Salvadoran Civil War, David's family sought refuge in the United States, settling in the Los Angeles area when he was eleven years old.  By the time he was in his late Twenties he found himself helping to operate a high volume HVAC company.  But when his mother-in-law fell ill, David decided to relocate his wife and daughters to the Imperial Valley area in order to care for her. 

Now, after extensive training in efficient workforce disptaching and office management, David runs the day to day operations here at Air Cool Plus.