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To have your home's AC tuned-up and serviced at NO COST TO YOU via the public program IID Energy CheckMe!, simply call 352-1193 or 357-1305 and set up your appointment now.  For more information on what the CheckMe! program consists of, please read below.

  • Save up to $195 on the cost of tuning up you air conditioner.  
  • Reduce cooling bills by up to 40 percent.
  • The savings will continue year after year.
  • Enjoy a more comfortable living space with healthier indoor air quality.
  • Your cooling system equipment will last longer and save you money.
  • Your air conditioner and ducts will require fewer repairs.
  • Help protect the environment by reducing energy consumption

Proctor Engineering Group (PEG) has developed CheckMe, a computer software expert system, for air conditioning and duct system diagnostics and repair. CheckMe for Air Conditioners is designed to ensure that both refrigerant charge and airflow through the evaporator coil are properly tested and correctly adjusted. CheckMe for ducts ensures that duct leakage is detected and properly sealed. Since 1998, through application of CheckMe in routine HVAC maintenance and installation procedures, more than 118,000 residential air conditioners and heat pumps in California have been serviced.

IID Energy has contracted with Proctor Engineering Group to bring the success of the CheckMe program to IID Energy’s residential customers. Air Cool Plus uses CheckMe to verify that your air conditioner is operating efficiently. Only specially trained and certified contractors, like Air Cool Plus, can use the CheckMe system. 

  • Your air conditioner runs too long.
  • Your air conditioner runs all the time.
  • Your utility bills seem high.
  • Some rooms are hot while other rooms are too cool.
  • Your home never seems to be comfortably cool enough.
  • Your furniture and windowsills are always covered with dust.
  • Your system’s filters gets dirty quickly.
  • You've had refrigerant added more than once in the past 5 years.
  • There is too little airflow from the floor or ceiling registers.
  • Your AC and heating return air ducts are loud.
  • Extremely cold air is blowing from the registers.
  • The air conditioner keeps shutting off when the house is still hot.
  • The air conditioner and ducts have not been serviced in the last two years.
  • The indoor humidity is just as high or higher than the outdoor humidity.
  • The air conditioner is too noisy or shakes when it is on.