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Air Cool Plus has been providing superb service to commercial clients for decades.  We understand the need to operate within our commercial clients' respective budgets and deliver our services in a manner that is highly efficient and fast.  We provide the following services to our commercial clients:

  • Capital Program sales and installation of HVAC and refrigeration equipment (see below).
  • Maintenance service for HVAC and refrigeration equipment (see below)
  • Emergency repairs for HVAC and refrigeration units (walk-ins, ice machines, merchandisers, etc)
  • Repairs to cooking equipment (grills, fryers, steamers, steam lines, etc)
  • Repairs to food prep equipment (slicers, mixers, processors, etc)

Through decades of experience we have seen first hand the dramatic difference in the performance of HVAC and refrigeration equipment that have been properly maintained and equipment that only receive service in the event of breakdowns.  There are numerous benefits when you take advantage of the Air Cool Plus Commercial Maintenance Service:

  • Fewer breakdowns
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Extended equipment life
  • Possible problems are spotted early and repaired before they become costly breakdowns
  • Reductions in annual facility maintenance costs

And one of the greatest benefits of our Commercial Maintenance Service is that your company becomes an Air Cool Plus Level One Customer, which means your company will recieve 2 hour response times if your equipment requires our Emergency Repairs Service and discounted rates for any service your business needs.

The highly trained install team at Air Cool Plus is ready to perform any services your facilities require:

  • HVAC and refrigeration equipment sales
  • HVAC and refrigeration equipment installation
  • Custom sheet metal duct fabrication
  • Duct system installation
  • HERS Rating Partnership